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Spring Cleaning

The idea of spring-cleaning appeals to all of us.  Spring is a time when things are renewed and refreshed.  It feels good to get rid of things you do not need.  It feels even better to clean up the things you do need.

As we anticipate the arrival of spring, we want to apply the idea of spring-cleaning to your mouth!

Getting Rid of Things You Don’t Need

You know what you do not need? Disease.  Disease is defined as a disorder of structure or function that produces specific signs or symptoms or affects a specific location.

In dentistry, disease includes disorders of the teeth, disorders of the gums and supporting structures, and disorders of the muscles and/or jaw joints.

Disorders of the Teeth

You know that saying, “I need that like I need a hole in my head”?  A cavity is an actual hole in your head!  No one needs cavities.  The only way to get rid of cavities is to have them fixed by a dentist.  Enamel is the only tissue in our body that does NOT have the ability to heal itself.

A tooth crack is another disorder of the teeth.  Cracks also cannot heal themselves.  Cracked teeth need treatment by a dentist.  Get rid of cracked teeth by having Dr. Ann and Dr. Lauren fix them.

Finally, some teeth have worn out, broken down fillings or crowns.  If a piece of dental work is no longer doing its job, it is time to get rid of it and replace it with a new restoration.

Disorders of the Gum and Supporting Structures

These disorders fall into the category of periodontal disease.  We often call periodontal disease a “silent” disease because most people have no idea that they have it.  There are not many symptoms that you would be aware of.  There are signs, which your dentist and dental hygienist will find.

However, many people put off going to the dentist because “nothing hurts”.  With periodontal disease, waiting until something hurts allows the disease to progress to a severe level.  Severe periodontal disease requires very extensive and very expensive treatments.

Get rid of tartar buildup on your teeth by scheduling a professional teeth cleaning!  More dental treatment may be required for periodontal disease.  Follow Dr. Ann’s and Dr. Lauren’s recommendations to treat the disease you have and prevent any more from occurring.

Disorders of the Muscles and Jaw Joints

Many people suffer from TMJ disorder, experiencing pain or a limitation in how much they can open their mouths.  These problems result from heavy clenching or grinding forces by the facial muscles and past injuries.

Muscle pain in your face and frequent headaches are not normal!  Dr. Ann and Dr. Lauren have extensive knowledge about the treatment of TMJ disorders.  There is relief for severe muscle pain in your face and temples.  Dr. Ann has extensive training in the administration of Botox injections to reduce muscle force.  By disrupting the muscle contractions, muscle tension and pain are greatly reduced.

Do not put up with jaw problems.  Get rid of them!

Cleaning Up Things You Do Need

You do need healthy teeth with good support.  You need jaw joints that function properly.  How can you clean these things up?

Cleaning Up Your Teeth

Cleaning up your teeth includes fixing the problems outlined above like cavities, cracks, and old, worn out dental work.  It also includes sprucing up your smile once it is free of any tooth problems.

One of the loveliest aspects of the spring season is the brightening of dull colors.  Bright green grass replaces its brown predecessor.  Beautiful flowers and tree buds take the place of the greys and browns of winter.  Give your own appearance a brightening boost with teeth whitening!

Another way to spruce up your teeth is by straightening them with Invisalign®.  Remember, teeth straightening is not just a cosmetic change.  Straight teeth are healthier and easier to clean than crooked teeth!

You might want to give your teeth a vitamin boost with a professional fluoride treatment.  This strengthens enamel and helps prevent cavities from developing.  Fluoride treatments also reduce sensitivity to cold and sweets!

Cleaning Up Your Gums and Supporting Structures

Call us today to schedule an appointment for a teeth cleaning with Nancy and Phyllis.  Our two fabulous dental hygienists will perform a thorough professional teeth cleaning.  Removing the plaque and tartar buildup from your teeth maintains the health of your gums and the jawbone that supports your teeth.

They will also give you instructions on what you need to do to keep them clean at home.

Keeping your teeth clean is a group effort.  Our hygienists do the big job, or the “spring cleaning”.  Then you need to maintain it on a daily basis.  Just as spring cleaning at your home is easier and faster if you have kept up with daily and weekly maintenance cleaning, so a teeth “spring cleaning” is easier and faster (not to mention much more comfortable) when you do the proper home maintenance!

“Cleaning Up” Your Muscles and Jaw Joints

Okay, so we can’t really clean up muscles and joints.  But we can spruce them up a bit.  We already mentioned how Botox can help reduce muscle force.  Another treatment option for heavy clenching or grinding is a custom nightguard.  By wearing a perfectly fitted and balanced nightguard, you can reduce muscle forces, relieve tension and headaches, and lower the stress put on the jaw joints.

You cannot control the activities of your teeth, muscles and jaws as you sleep.  This is why a nightguard is necessary.  It prevents the teeth from touching, keeps your jaw in a prescribed position, and reduces damage from any bad habits that happen when you are not conscious of them.

What Kind of Spring Cleaning do You Need?

Whether you need to get rid of some disease or just spruce up things a bit, now is the time.  Call 281-667-4010 today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Ann, Dr. Lauren, Nancy or Phyllis to start your spring cleaning today!