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Trial Smile

Designer Smiles is a top tier dental office that offers the highest standards of patient care. Dr. Haggard and her dental team have a state of the art office and are very professional. The office staff is very friendly and I love going to the dentist!

Lauren Eichblatt

October 16, 2014



What Are the Benefits of a Trial Smile?

There are several advantages of requesting a trial smile before finalizing the design of your porcelain veneers or other restorations:

  • Wear and preview your new smile in three dimensions versus a two dimensional computer-generated photo
  • Evaluate your smile in-office to see how you like it
  • Determine if the shade, length, size, and shape of your enhanced teeth suit your cosmetic goals
  • Take photos in your trial smile to get feedback from your friends and family
  • Notice details you may not have considered during the consultation
  • Use your trial experience to improve upon the design of your final restorations
  • Proceed to the placement of your final restorations with certainty

Because our trial smiles are designed and crafted by a master ceramist using high-quality resin composite material, the smile you preview closely matches the results you can expect to achieve with your finished veneers or crowns.

What Will My Trial Smile Look Like?

If you are curious about trial smile, we encourage you to view photos of our patients who have gone through the process. The images show patients’ natural teeth, their custom trial smile device, and the results with their trial smile bonded in place. Your personal trial smile will be tailored to your unique specifications so that you can try on the smile of your dreams.

You can learn more about trial smile and the many cosmetic and restorative treatments we offer at Designer Smiles if you contact our office to schedule a consultation.