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Dental Technology

PreXion® Cone Beam

The PreXion® Cone Beam provides our dentists with an invaluable tool for oral examinations. This innovative technology can reveal a comprehensive view of impacted or supernumerary teeth. In addition, by rendering a 360-degree 3D image of your mouth, procedures such as dental implant placement, periodontics treatments, or oral-maxillofacial surgery can be performed with increased precision.

X-Guide™by X-Nav Technologies

X-Guide™, created by X-Nav Technologies, is the latest advancement in dental implant placement. It has been called a “GPS for implants”, as it uses three-dimensional imaging and treatment planning software to provide step-by-step guidance to the surgeon. This incredible system produces the highest level of precision in the placement of dental implants—down to tenths of a millimeter!

Using the information gathered by 3D imaging, Dr. Ann and Dr. Lauren are able to prescribe an exact position of the implant, which is essential to its long-term stability and success. One of the most important factors in the longevity and function of an implant is that it has the appropriate amount of jawbone surrounding it. With three-dimensional imaging and treatment planning software, our dentists can choose the correct implant with the proper size and shape to fit perfectly into the site’s available bone. Then, X-Guide™ guides the implant into that exact prescribed position. Precise dental implant placement makes the outcome more predictable and successful, in addition to improving patient comfort. Using X-Guide™ allows our surgeons to create a smaller surgical site, which leads to less post-operative pain and faster healing.

Digital Radiography

PreXion Cone BeamDigital X-rays have a number of advantages over traditional methods. In addition to delivering much faster results, digital X-rays reduce radiation exposure by about 80-90%. Since the digital images are displayed on a computer screen, they can be easily enlarged to facilitate clear doctor-patient communication during your visit and ultimately lead to more accurate diagnoses and treatment plans.

DEKA® CO2 Soft Tissue Laser

DEKA Tissue LaserDEKA® has been designing state-of-the-art dental technology for 20 years, and with the innovation of their latest CO2 laser, scalpel-free procedures are more comfortable and effective than ever before. These lasers, used for a wide range of soft tissue procedures, can increase your comfort, minimize any bleeding, promote faster healing, and shorten your time in the dentist’s chair. In addition, this new generation of CO2 lasers offers our dentists an unobstructed view of the tissue, allowing for even greater precision during treatment.

iTero® Intraoral Scanner

The iTero® intraoral scanner represents the next generation in digital impressions and treatment planning. This system is an optimal starting point for Invisalign® treatment, restorative procedures, and customized dental implants. The advanced precision of the impressions gathered with iTero® technology results in better-fitting orthodontic appliances, enhanced procedure customization, and improved outcomes overall. We rely on the iTero®  intraoral scanner to streamline treatment, provide a superior patient experience, and help us follow through on our commitment to producing high-quality results.

Professional, nice and trustworthy. They have great technology also!

Nuengruthai Mizell

June 14, 2017