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Is It Too Late to Straighten My Teeth?

While it is never too late to straighten your teeth, there are many advantages to doing it sooner rather than later.

Never Too Late . . . Well, Almost Never

So technically, there are some situations when it would be “too late” to straighten your teeth.But even if one of these scenarios applies to you, you can still achieve a beautiful smile some other way.Just contact us to set up a consultation and find out what your options are.

Situations that are NOT Ideal for Teeth Straightening:

These scenarios do not prevent you from having the smile of your dreams.They just require different types of dentistry than teeth straightening.At Designer Smiles, we specialize in creating beautiful, customized smile for each and every patient, regardless of your current dental state.Dr. Ann and Dr. Lauren will discuss every treatment option available to you to meet your smile goals.

If these scenarios do NOT apply to you, then you are likely a candidate for teeth straightening with Invisalign or braces.There is no age limit on moving healthy teeth!

Why Sooner Rather than Later?

As we mentioned earlier, it is better to straighten your teeth sooner rather than later.There are several different reasons for this, listed below.

  1. The younger you are, the easier it is to move your teeth.

In general, younger cells are healthier, more reproductive cells.This affects teeth straightening because you must have healthy, active cells in the bone and ligaments surrounding each tooth to move them.When we move a tooth, one of the most important considerations is the health of the supporting structures, including the jawbone, ligaments, and gum tissues.

Moving teeth is actually a process of bone remodeling.Let’s consider moving a tooth toward the front of the mouth.Putting forward pressure on a tooth should activate the bone destruction cells on the front side of the tooth’s root.This removes the bone that is “in the way”.Of equal importance (or even more) are the bone creation cells on the back side of the tooth’s root that must create new bone to fill in the empty space left when the tooth moves.

As we age, these cells are slower and slower, so moving teeth can take longer.Straightening your teeth is faster and safer the younger you are.

2. The earlier you straighten your teeth, the more time you have to enjoy your beautiful smile.

Contrary to popular belief, there is no age at which we no longer care about our appearance.Straight teeth make you look younger, so when you choose to straighten your teeth at a younger age, you maintain a youthful appearance.

The investment you make in a beautiful smile will never depreciate.Making it earlier in life only gives you more years to enjoy it!

3.Straight teeth are healthier teeth!

This is the most important benefit of straightening your teeth.When you straighten your teeth, you create a healthier environment in your mouth.The sooner you straighten them, the healthier they are in the long run.

Straight teeth have less gum disease.

Scientific research shows that the types of bacteria present on crooked teeth are actually more dangerous and disease-causing than the bacteria present on straight teeth.It is literally a different strain of bacteria.

Straight teeth also have fewer nooks and crannies for plaque and bacteria to hide, making it difficult to keep your teeth clean.People with very crowded teeth often complain that flossing is difficult and painful.Straightening them makes it much easier for you to clean your teeth.

Straight teeth develop fewer cavities.

As with gum disease, cavities are more likely to develop on very crooked teeth.This is also due to the types of bacteria building up, the presence of more places for its accumulation, and the level of difficulty in cleaning the teeth.Even gaps in teeth create a higher cavity risk because they allow food to get stuck between the teeth.

Straight teeth make professional teeth cleanings easier.

If you are one of those people who cringes at the thought of a teeth cleaning, consider straightening your teeth!It makes professional teeth cleanings faster and more comfortable.Because straight teeth collect less buildup, there is less material for the dental hygienist to remove (the “scraping” part).Phyllis or Nancy can completely remove all of the plaque and tartar buildup from your teeth much faster when the teeth are straight.

Because straight teeth have a lower risk of gum disease, your gums are less likely to have tenderness, bleeding and swelling.When you have inflamed gums, a teeth cleaning hurts.The toxins produced by the bad bacteria on crooked teeth cause gum inflammation (gingivitis).When your teeth are straight, you are less likely to have gingivitis, which means you are also less likely to experience tenderness during a professional teeth cleaning.

Really?But I’m Too Old for Teeth Straightening.

No, you are not.Isn’t 60 the new 40?

If you want straight teeth, you are not too old.We have many patients in their 60’s and 70’s who are straightening their teeth with Invisalign.It is never too late to get the smile of your dreams.

We do not expect the teeth to move as quickly, but we do expect them to move.There are even additional techniques we can use to encourage tooth movement.

It’s Not Too Late!Are you Ready?

Contact Designer Smiles today to set up a teeth straightening consultation with Dr. Ann and Dr. Lauren.They can answer any teeth straightening question you have and address any of your concerns.