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What Are the Benefits of Advanced Dental Technology?

dental-technology-benefitsAt Designer Smiles, our team is dedicated to continuing our own education and keeping abreast of the field’s latest developments. With cosmetic dentistry, there are constant innovations in technology that can radically change the way we treat dental problems and care for our patients. Below is a list of the advanced dental technology utilized at our practice, as well as the various benefits associated with each system:

PreXion Cone Beam

: Used during many oral examinations, this device can generate a three dimensional, 360-degree view of the mouth, providing a complete perspective of the oral landscape. Whether diagnosing impacted teeth, planning dental implant procedures, or preparing for oral-maxillofacial surgery, the PreXion Cone Beam can increase the precision with which these treatments are performed.

Digital Radiology

: With modern digital X-rays, the condition of your teeth and jawbones can be diagnosed faster than ever before. In addition, digital radiology substantially increases patient safety by reducing radiation exposure by 80-90%. Since these digital images can be immediately seen on a computer screen, communication between the dentist and the patient is also simplified, giving you a clearer picture of your dental health.

DEKA CO2 Soft Tissue Laser

: This innovative CO2 laser can replace the need for scalpels during surgical procedures. Benefits can include unobstructed vision, increased precision, shortened procedure time, increased patient comfort, and faster recovery.

3M True Definition Scanner

: Used for taking digital impressions of the teeth, this revolutionary technology can help us more effectively create custom dental restorations that look and feel like natural teeth. Since the 3M™ True Definition Scanner can increase communication among the patient, the dentist, and the restoration lab, the final results can better meet your expectations compared to restorations produced with more traditional methods.

As part of our commitment to regularly improving the level of dental care we provide at Designer Smiles, we have adopted this dental technology into our practice for the benefit of our patients, and we look forward to continuing this pursuit to better serve your needs.

Dr. Ann Haggard

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