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Houston Dentists Reveal How Porcelain Veneers Can Create Life-Like Results

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Dr. Ann Haggard and Dr. Marcus Haggard use porcelain veneers to conceal a variety of tooth imperfections for a natural looking, youthful smile.

Houston, TX
– At Designer Smiles, Ann Haggard, DDS and Marcus Haggard, DDS are committed to helping patients achieve healthy teeth and gums as well as a beautiful smile. Porcelain veneers are one of the most popular treatments performed at their Houston dentistry practice, because veneers can be used to correct such a wide range of cosmetic imperfections. In as few as two office visits, the patients of Drs. Haggard and Haggard can improve the appearance of their teeth with porcelain veneers.

Using thin layers of porcelain, veneers can be used to address a number of common issues, including gaps, cracks, chips, and stains. Depending upon each patient’s needs, Drs. Haggard and Haggard will recommend the specific type of porcelain veneer that can best meet the patient’s expectations. If a patient wants to conceal uneven or crooked teeth, classic pressed veneers can make the teeth look straighter and brighter using a stain-resistant material. Bella! veneers are crafted with an opalescent porcelain to blend in seamlessly with the patient’s smile for an inconspicuous restoration. “Elite veneers often provide the most life-like results,” says Dr. Ann Haggard, “since these restorations are handcrafted by highly trained ceramicists and carefully combine opaque and translucent layers of porcelain, mimicking the development of a natural tooth.”

“While porcelain veneers can benefit many patients,” says Dr. Marcus Haggard, “the popular cosmetic procedure does have its limitations.” Patients who frequently play contact sports, grind their teeth, or clench their jaw may not be ideal candidates for porcelain veneers since these actions increase the likelihood of damaging the restoration. In addition, the cost of porcelain veneers can be a deterrent for some patients. However, to help as many patients as possible achieve their dream of a beautiful smile, the Houston dentists offer a number of financing options at their practice. For most of their patients, the benefits of porcelain veneers far outweigh the limitations and offer a fast and easy solution for rejuvenating stained, misaligned, or damaged teeth.

About Ann Haggard, DDS

After graduating Cum Laude from Centenary College of Louisiana, Dr. Ann Haggard earned her dental degree from Texas A&M Baylor College of Dentistry. She is an active member of several esteemed dental organizations, including the American Dental Association, the Houston District Dental Society, and the Texas Dental Association. Dr. Ann Haggard is available for interview upon request.

About Marcus Haggard, DDS

After earning his dental degree from the University of Texas, Dental Branch, Dr. Marcus Haggard began his career as a cosmetic dentist and has been in practice since 1968. He is an active member of the American Dental Association, the Houston District Dental Society, and the Texas Dental Association. Dr. Marcus Haggard is available for interview upon request.

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