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Congratulations to Our New Invisalign® Elite Provider, Dr. Ann Haggard!

We are proud to announce that Dr. Ann Haggard has achieved the exclusive status of an Invisalign® Elite Provider! This title is only awarded to certified Invisalign® providers who have already completed over 300 Invisalign® cases and who also continue to treat at least 50 cases every six months. The Elite designation sets our practice above and beyond in the number of successful Invisalign® cases completed, and all praise goes to Dr. Haggard for achieving this significant distinction without the aid of any other associates – an accomplishment not all Invisalign® providers can claim.

As an Invisalign® Elite Provider who has been working with the clear aligner system since 2006, Dr. Haggard is able to offer patients an exceptional level of expertise. She has seen more cases than any other General Provider in the area, and she knows how to handle even the most difficult Invisalign® treatments. Dr. Haggard has also pushed the limits on what Invisalign® can do, and she passes along that knowledge in the treatment of our patients.

Ultimately, Dr. Haggard is proud of achieving the Invisalign® Elite Provider designation, and she looks forward to continuing to help patients achieve straight teeth and beautiful smiles using the innovative clear aligners.
To learn about the different Invisalign® provider designations, stay tuned for our next blog post in which we’ll identify the qualifications for each. Or, if you are considering using the Invisalign® system to straighten your teeth, please feel free to contact us today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Haggard.