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All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth!

Your front teeth are the most noticeable and important part of your smile.  A missing front tooth is a head-turner and not in a good way.  A front tooth with existing dental work that is obviously dental work is another attention-getter.

At Designer Smiles, we are in the business of creating beautiful smiles!  We make crooked smiles straight with Invisalign.  Dingy smiles are brightened with teeth whitening.  And incomplete smiles are beautifully filled in with perfectly matched tooth replacements.

Check out some of the options you have for giving yourself the Christmas gift of a beautiful smile at our Webster dental office.

Crooked Front Teeth

Do you have crooked front teeth?  Is one tooth overlapping its neighbor?  Or do you have gaps between your teeth that you do not like?

If all you want for Christmas is straight front teeth, make an appointment with Dr. Ann and Dr. Lauren for an Invisalign consultation.  We are the Invisalign experts!

Invisalign is the almost invisible way to straight your teeth.  We can correct crowding, crookedness, overlapping and rotated teeth, gaps, and overbites.  Invisalign uses clear plastic aligners to reposition your teeth into a better alignment, creating a beautiful, straight smile!  This means you do not have to wear ugly metal braces to straighten your teeth.  If you have always wanted straight teeth but dreaded the idea of being a “metal-mouth” as an adult, Invisalign is the answer.  Because Invisalign is clear and fits closely against the teeth, most people cannot even tell you are straightening your teeth.

Invisalign also has the advantage of being removable so you can remove the aligners for special occasions, like speeches, reunions or weddings.  Your teeth will stay as clean as possible because you remove the aligners to brush and floss.

Stained Front Teeth

Are your front teeth yellow or stained by coffee, tobacco or tea?

Are they darker than the whites of your eyes are?

Whitening your teeth is the fastest, most conservative and least expensive way to improve your smile.  Many people experience darkening of their teeth from habits like coffee and tea drinking or using tobacco products.  Others notice their teeth getting yellower over time even without those habits.  It’s a fact of life that teeth darken as we get older.

Whitening your teeth makes you look younger and gives you a smile to show off!

We see the best teeth whitening results with professional teeth whitening gel in custom-fitted mouth trays.  You may get some whitening effect with over-the-counter products, but professional strength products will work faster!  The custom-fitted trays also offer the benefit of keeping the gel where it needs to be and allowing you to use the minimum amount, which makes it last longer.

If your Christmas wish list includes teeth whitening, we can make your wish come true.

Front Teeth with Ugly, Old Dental Work

Perhaps you have your front teeth, but you do not like the way they look because they have unsightly dental work needing replacement.  The great news is that dentistry has advanced and improved in the years since that work was done.


We make dental crowns with no metal, so there is no more grey line at the gums on front teeth crowns.  New all-porcelain crowns allow light to pass through the porcelain similar to the way it passes through enamel.  This gives us the closest possible resemblance to a “real” tooth.


Tooth-colored fillings, once available in only a few shades, now come in a vast array of shades.  Truly skilled cosmetic dentists, like Dr. Ann and Dr. Lauren, can even add characterization and staining to perfectly mimic your natural tooth.

Old silver and mercury fillings can be replaced with a beautifully matching tooth-colored filling in a single short visit.  Ask Dr. Ann and Dr. Lauren about replacing existing dental work that no longer lives up to your cosmetic goals.


Dental bridges sometimes cause the adjoined teeth to appear too connected or uniform in appearance.  While we cannot make a bridge look like multiple individual teeth because they have to be connected, we can replace that bridge with dental implants.  Dental implants are individual units replacing each missing tooth.  They allow each tooth to be separate from its neighbor.

Not only is this a more cosmetic option, it also is a healthier option.  Bridges are difficult to clean because you cannot floss normally.  Plaque and food debris easily gets caught underneath bridges.  By replacing your bridge with individual implants, you are creating a much healthier situation for your long-term dental health!

Missing Front Teeth

Are you missing any front teeth?  It’s cute in a six- or seven-year-old singing a Christmas song, but it isn’t so cute when you’re an adult.  Missing front teeth cause people to simply not smile at all.  People missing front teeth often cover their laugh with a hand and look down when they talk.

Or perhaps you have a replacement of your front teeth that isn’t up to snuff.  Maybe you have a removable partial that you have to take in and out or a bridge that looks like a bridge.

If you would like to replace your missing front teeth with the most natural-looking and most natural-functioning, it is time to consider dental implants.  Dental implants are one of the best investments you can make!  Unlike many things you could spend a large sum of money on, dental implants do not depreciate over time.  They do not become obsolete, requiring replacement, as a new TV or car would.

What’s on Your Wish List?

If beautiful front teeth are on your wish list this year, call today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Ann and Dr. Lauren.  No matter what your concern with your front teeth, they will give you multiple options to meet your goals and get the smile of your dreams.