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Terrified of the Dentist?  IV Sedation is the Answer!

At Designer Smiles, we know that many people are so afraid of the dentist that they can’t sleep the night before a visit.  Some people avoid the dentist altogether.  Extreme fear and anxiety about dental work keeps many people away from the dentist.  This can lead to extensive dental problems over time because they are not caught early enough for prevention or simple repairs.

Some of our patients have shared with us that they’ve tried oral conscious sedation dentistry involving anti-anxiety medications before and/or during dental appointments, and for them it just didn’t work.  They didn’t fall asleep, they remember everything, and their anxiety is definitely NOT better.

We believe everyone has the right to good dental care, regardless of their fears or anxieties.  For this reason, Dr. Ann Haggard recently completed the rigorous training and licensing process to provide intravenous (IV) sedation in our office!

We invite you to learn all about IV sedation by visiting our newly updated sedation dentistry page.  There we discuss the benefits of this method, the way it is performed, who is a good candidate, and much more!