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Smoking Cessation

New Year’s Resolutions, Lent? Reasons to quit smoking now!

The second that cigarette goes to your lips, blood flow is reduced to your oral cavity. When blood flow is cut off, vital nutrients and oxygen are not delivered to your teeth and gums. The end result: gum disease, loss of bone, and tooth loss! These things are caused by accumulation of plaque and bacteria that result as of a decrease in salivary flow. Heating the inside of your mouth causes the death of vital cells.

More reasons to quit: Stain, bad breath, and loss of taste buds, increased risk of oral cancer.

Smokeless Tobacco and Cigars

Smokeless tobacco eats away at your gum tissue. Because the tobacco is in direct contact with your gums, the risk of gum disease increases dramatically. You are 6 times more likely to develop oral cancer from chewing tobacco. The place that the tobacco contacts is 50 times more likely to be the site of oral cancer.

Think Cigars are OK? Not a chance! Cigars contain the same cancer causing compounds as cigarettes. Even though you may not inhale, cigar smoking increases the risk of oral cancer, lung cancer, larynx and esophageal cancer.

How can the Designer Smiles team help?

Professional scaling, polishing, and teeth whitening to remove stains.
Visual examination to look for early warning signs of oral cancer.
Individualized treatment plans and prescription medications to help quit.