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Epigenetic Orthodontics and the DNA appliance

Dr. Ann recently returned from Sandy, Utah and Arrowhead Dental Laboratory where she attended her third and fourth course regarding epigenentic orthodontics and the innovative DNA appliance or Daytime-Nighttime Appliance™. This relatively new treatment that can be an alternative to traditional orthodontics and can also treat TMJ/TMD and obstructive sleep apnea problems.

The DNA appliance is something worn at night while you sleep. It can be used to straighten teeth, treat mild to moderate sleep apnea or both. Dr. Ann learned about epigenentic orthodontics and the DNA appliance while taking other courses at Arrowhead Dental Laboratory, a well respected organization in the dental continuing education community. She became immediately interested because her 6 year old niece is showing signs possible jaw surgery. Dr. Ann was looking for a non surgical technique to help guide her growth away from this need.

The DNA appliance offers significant benefits when compared to traditional braces or brackets. It is worn only half the number of hours as traditional braces and simulates bone growth and guidance instead of just moving teeth through bone. It is a non-painful way to straighten teeth that is shown to be more stable than orthodontic treatment because you are guiding growth, not just moving teeth. The DNA appliance can be especially useful in cases where children are in need of upper arch expansion.

At Designer Smiles we are extremely excited to offer this groundbreaking new treatment. If you have any questions or would like to speak to one of team members about the DNA appliance, please call 281-667-4010 or email us.