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Teeth Whitening

Despite good habits of brushing and flossing, eventual tooth discoloration can be inevitable. Over the years, significant staining can be brought on by the consumption of coffee, red wine, soft drinks, and tea. Additionally, the natural aging process and the use of tobacco products can also contribute to the yellowing and staining of teeth. Fortunately, cosmetic dentist Ann Haggard, DDS and our experienced dental staff at Designer Smiles offer effective in-office and take-home teeth whitening treatments that can help you diminish the appearance of stains and achieve a whiter smile with brilliant results. For patients who desire more permanent smile whitening, our dentists may recommend placement of custom porcelain veneers.

Zoom!® In-office Teeth Whitening

In-office teeth whitening with Zoom!® is a relatively quick and simple way to achieve the brighter smile you desire. Utilizing this technique, a peroxide whitening gel will be applied to the surface of your teeth and a low-intensity curing lamp will be positioned over your mouth. Once activated by the light from the lamp, the gel will release peroxide into the teeth, effectively reducing signs of yellowing and staining while gently bleaching your teeth. The entire procedure typically takes about one hour and results can often be seen immediately. Throughout your in-office teeth whitening treatment, you will even be able to listen to music or take a quick nap!

Take-Home Teeth Whitening

shutterstock_118109779Take-home teeth whitening is a convenient way to brighten your smile on your own time. This alternative to our in-office Zoom!® treatment utilizes customized whitening trays designed from an exact mold of your teeth. Once your trays have been constructed, you will receive specific instructions on how long and how often to wear your trays based on the degree of whiteness you wish to achieve. When your teeth have reached the desired level of whiteness, the treatment will be complete and you can discontinue the use of your trays. Our take-home teeth whitening treatment is professional-grade and can be very effective when used properly.

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