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Great Cosmetic Dentistry Requires Lifelong Learning

Dr. Ann Haggard and Dr. Lauren Eichblatt perform beautiful cosmetic dentistry, and both will tell you that the only way they are able to do it is through continual, lifelong learning.  Continuing education requires travel, long days in classes and seminars, time away from the office and families, and considerable expense.  However, it is all worth it when the results are excellent dentistry and happy patients!

In most professions, dentistry included, the governing body or licensing board sets a minimum requirement for hours of CE (continuing education) each year.  Dr. Ann and Dr. Lauren complete at least 4-5 times the minimum requirement, so it is obvious that their motivation is more than fulfilling an obligation.  They are currently in San Diego, CA, studying at the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry annual meeting!

This commitment to continuous learning stems from a commitment to their patients.

Commitment to Excellence

If you are already a patient of Designer Smiles, you know our dentist’s are detail-oriented and perfectionist is in their dentistry.  And isn’t that what you want if you are making cosmetic changes to your smile?  Dr. Ann’s and Dr. Lauren’s commitment to excellence is one of the motivating factors for their continuing education.  Performing excellent precise dentistry takes a consistent effort to learning new techniques, new materials, and new technologies.  It means constantly evaluating and reevaluating your current practices in order to ensure that what you do is the best!

Another aspect of our commitment to excellence is evident in our choice of dental lab.  The dentist is not the only one participating in your cosmetic dental treatment.  A dental lab technician creates any porcelain restorations (like veneers or crowns), and it is of the utmost importance to us that our dental lab technician is as committed to excellence as we are!  Sentence or two on Wayne Payne. 

Commitment to Education

There are two reasons we must persevere in our commitment to education:

  1. No dentist ever learns all he or she needs to know in dental school. We know that we do not know everything, and we believe that continuing to learn is an important part of caring for our patients.
  2. Research is continually producing new information that impacts dentistry and the way dentists practice. We refuse to stay in the “dark ages” and practice exactly the way we did the day we graduated from school.

Commitment to Advancement

Dentistry is a progressive and continually evolving field.  As scientists carry out research and various studies, they learn new ways to do old things or completely new things!

The advances in dentistry provide us with new materials to use with better long-term results.  We also learn new techniques, or new ways, to perform traditional dentistry.  With advances in technology, we are able to gather more information with more accuracy in a shorter amount of time.

All of these advances share one common goal (in our minds, at least): making dental treatment better, safer and more comfortable for our patients.

Making dentistry better – The new materials we use create better long-term success of our dental work.  New technologies (like our intraoral 3D scanner, 3D imaging, and X-Nav 3D Implant GPS system) help us work with a higher level of precision.

Making dentistry safer – With advanced technology like three-dimensional CBCT imaging, we are able to gather more information with less radiation.  More accurate implant planning and placement lowers the risk of complications due to implant surgery.

Making dentistry more comfortable– If it has been a while since your last dental visit, you will be pleasantly surprised with how much easier and more comfortable dental treatment has become.  Our investment in a three dimensional intraoral scanner means you no longer have to have gooey impressions of your teeth, no matter what dental work you need!  Most of our technology allows us to give the same excellent results in a shorter amount of time, and we know that shorter dental visits are always more comfortable.

Why the AACD?

One meeting we never miss is the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry’s annual session.  The AACD is the top provider of elite education in the realm of cosmetic dentistry in the world.  Don’t let the name fool you.  It is not just for American dentists.  Dentists from around the globe travel to the AACD meeting each year.  The AACD’s commitment to excellence, education and advancement matches our own so we always experience high-quality learning at this meeting.

Courses at the AACD meeting give us the opportunity for hands-on “practice” with new materials, techniques, and technologies.  We get to see first-hand what we can do with what we are learning.

What are Dr. Ann and Dr. Lauren Learning This Week?

This week, the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry meets in San Diego to provide another round of excellent learning opportunities to dentists from all over the world.  Dr. Ann and Dr. Lauren are there, taking courses in Botox, perfectly matched tooth-colored fillings and no-prep veneers.  Ask them how you can benefit from their learning!  Interested in Cosmetic Dentistry at Designer Smiles?  Call today to schedule a cosmetic consultation with Dr. Ann and Dr. Lauren.